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House in Breaza

A secondary house becoming main residence
A mix of low and high tech and even experimental materials, of traditional and innovative approach.

The house is a small wooden volume standing between a concrete plate and a wooden roof. The concrete plate and the wooden roof create an opend and covered intermediary space. All the main spaces of the house connect in the largest section of the intermediary space.
From afar, the house looks as if it is one floor only. The steep sloped wooden roof hides instead skylit rooms where one is going to bed looking at the stars.

Heating in winter and cooling in summer are aquired through a canadian well, a stove, passive measures from space organisation and material assembage, no software and smart users. The project completed, all the energy will be produced on site.

Dragoș Mihai Dordea

Iulia Elena Popescu

Facts + Figures
client: Private
address: Breaza, RO
area: 50+50+50 m2
status: almost completed – still continuing as an experiment
year: 2012 – 2021